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Vitiligo Informations with pictures

Vitiligo is a prolonged skin syndrome in which the skin loses the pigment and leaves an irregular pattern of peel off. The disease occurs because of nonfunctioning of skin pigment cell. The harmful and frequent contact with certain chemicals or material can kill the skin pigment. According to Halder and Chappell study about Vitiligo update and found that the disease caused from autoimmune, genetic, neutral, oxidative stress or viral causes. In addition, they also classified Vitiligo into two categories, segmental and non-segmental because of the appearance it makes (Halder & Chappell, 2009).
Vitiligo also called silent skin disease and can be spread without any pain or irritation on any body parts like face, around eyes in circle condition and on chest, arms, hands, fingers male, and female private body parts.
Leg foot area vitiligo skin disease can be appear from above areas below pictures are proof of silent vitiligo appearance on different body parts.

Vitiligo on eyes

 Vitiligo on legs
Vitiligo on face

Causes and Symptoms
Additionally, the symptoms and signs are merely the presences of pale patchy areas having dispigmented skin. Initially the patchy skin grew small and later joined together with alittle area, largewhite skin is peeled off. The usual orifice of skin area includes eyes, mouth, genitalia, nostrils and umbilicus. Patients showing these symptoms may also experience mood disorder and depression.  Likewise, the potential triggers cause Vitiligo that manipulate the immune system. Another study also shows that the Tyrosinase is an enzyme of the melanocyte that triggers melanin biosynthesis and an important autoantigen in widespread of Vitiligo.

However, there are only 1 percent cases of Vitiligo exist in the world. The medical sciences put very little effort in curtailing the treatments and cure of this disease(SK & PP, 1994).Unfortunately, there is no medication for Vitiligo but few treatment options are available such as phototherapy, steroids, and calcineurin inhibitors. On the other hand, the disease can easily be diagnosed through UVA lights.

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